At Lightbox, we believe in the transformative power of lighting and the aesthetics of design, actively promoting and supplying lighting systems and fixtures for all kinds of projects. Established in Beirut, and having expanded to Qatar, KSA, and Nigeria, we have broadened our product range to provide our clients with the finest lighting tools from around the world. Our product line, along with the brands we represent, range from architectural and technical, to professional & decorative lighting. If you feel like testing our metal, our team of architects, electrical engineers and art directors await a new challenge; experience yet another transformation of light.

Lightbox is a leading provider of lighting products and solutions. We have built an excellent reputation as a high quality service provider. The company was first started in 2002, where it set its credibility in the market by delivering on its promise of perfection time and time again, and we're just getting started. Our aim is to be the leading lighting solutions supplier in each and every one of our countries of operations. Everything we do revolves around our customers. We aim to supply our clients with unique lighting products and services, to add perceptible value to their lives. In dealing with our customers we are genuine, transparent, and definite. Our employees are the key to our success. They identify strongly with our ideals, all the while emanating an aura of initiative, joyfulness, and camaraderie promoting a friendly work environment. This directly correlates to our employees effectiveness, and by association our growth as a team. Our portfolio of hand picked suppliers is truly diverse, covering all ranges and needs for lighting. Our suppliers are crucial to our development, which is why it is our intention to build strong and long lasting relationships with them; relationships of limitless mutual growth.